Types of volcano tours

There are different types of volcano tours.

The two basic types of volcano tours:

Walking and study tours

These tours focus not on volcano watching (although this is also done) but focuses on the entire hiking experience and the knowledge about volcanic features, geology, nature, culture, history, minerals, etc. that are imparted throughout the trip.

Volcano watching

This type of tour obviously is done only on very active volcanoes and with experienced tour guides.

Volcano craters can be accessed either by foot or via helicopter.

Note that in some instances tours of this kind are suddenly cancelled to ensure safety while in some instances visitors are disappointed by volcanoes that do not erupt when expected.

There is nothing as magnificent as seeing an erupting volcano though and a volcano watching tour is definitely worth it.

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  1. sueta Says:

    I live volcano and have hiked up to Mt. Semeru in East Java, Mount Batur and Agung in Bali and Mt. Rinjani in Lombok. It ws such a great trip.


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